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    Post  slice on Tue May 26, 2009 8:34 am

    Screen Name:Slice

    Coordinates (for your capital only):246/105

    Normal Activity per day (i.e. - hours logged on):4-6 hours


    Troop wheat consumption:[NOTE: this is a public forum, visible to anyone, don't post a scouting report]50 but focusing on it know.

    Current Population (total of all villages):477

    How many villages do you currently have, and how close are you to your next village (rough guess as to time - do not list your culture points)?
    one hour away from 3rd
    Days since you started this account:45

    Past Travian Experience (if any):this is my 4th server. Founder of 2 top 20 alliances on s3 and s2 and number 1 defender in game on server 6. Currently finishing up on s2.

    Please post your offensive ranking for this server:

    In the past week, have you been attacked or farmed? yes

    Before this, were you in any other alliances? If so why did you leave? Nomercy3 currently. This is just a farm alliance.

    Play style? (Offensive, Defensive, or Mixed): Mixed

    Why do you want to join this alliance? I want to be in a bigger alliance for the long haul. I currently have a bunch of XX players near me that I talk to.

    What can you offer this alliance? A top 200 player in time. I started late. Help whenever asked. I've never had a problem supporting others.

    Do you actively raid? Approximately how many different people do you attack daily? Yes. I just started raiding this week, so only two at the moment. The list will grow long quickly. On s2, about 90 villages a day.

    Do you use gold? If so, how heavily (a little, some, a lot, gold flows like water)?yes. a lot

    Do you have a sitter and are you sitting for anyone? yes to both

    Do you have any family/friends in this alliance? yes, platinum

    Who are the 2 nearest XX members to you? beefcake and 5corp

    Have you had any contact with them (via IGM)? yes, constantly with beefcake

    Any extra qualities about yourself that you think may help you get in? I'm a team player. I'm not a top 10 player, but I'm good. I don't run multi accounts. It's all on me. I don't go yellow. Never have.

    As a member, do you agree to abide by the rules throughout all of this alliance?[b][i] yes

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