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    Applicant Requirements Empty Applicant Requirements

    Post  Guest on Mon Feb 09, 2009 10:48 pm

    These numbers are guidelines of what we expect our applicants to be near or exceeding. We know everyone plays differently if you think your system matches these numbers but in a different way feel free to explain yourself on your applications. Meeting these minimum requirements does not garantee you an invite.

    Should you be accepted, we will send invites out as room is made in our alliance. All new applicants who are approved automatically put you into our training program. After two weeks of joining the training program you will be up for promotion into the regular XX forum. This approval will be through your Training leader who will notify the Officers your ready to move up. They have the right to delay your promotion or reject it.

    These numbers may change daily:

    350 pop
    50 defensive troops should be available for reinforcing members at any time.
    Wheat footprint of troops (total, excluding scouts):
    125% Gauls, Romans
    175% Teutons

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